Groundbreaking innovations in research and development paved the way for mankind in 2323 to an unprecedented high culture. Artificial intelligence, autonomous robots, fully automated production facilities and a global, machine-regulated economy shaped the image of this new, extremely efficient world. Soon all technological boundaries were overcome and even distant planets or galaxies were within reach. Over time, the autonomous machines developed ever better, ever more powerful means of transport and only a short time later, in 2332, the breakthrough was achieved: the so-called geodetic line through the space-time continuum could finally be calculated and the first pioneers sent on a journey to unknown galaxies – with serious consequences. Since time no longer exists as a physical quantity, the once so efficient machines collapse under constant system errors, and so do humans, the pioneers, who are gradually losing their minds. However, a few succeed the miracle, with the last of their strength they initiate the emergency program and start the vital return journey to earth. But there is nothing as it was. The pioneers find themselves in an unknown world. In a world of devastation, suffering and horror. They are at war, led by men, carried by machines. What they don’t suspect. Soon the machines will develop their own consciousness and a new party will emerge that can only be stopped by joining forces.